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Not to sound too James Bond...
but allow me to introduce myself... my name's
Grant Thomas. I'm an artist with a passion... or should i say 'la passione' for italian metal.

No... not Hard Rock from Rome...

Just about any Italian auto whose price can match that of any middle-class suburban house.
In this web site you'll see proof-positive that i can interperate on paper or canvas the essence, beauty and or speed of these fine works of art on wheels...


And fasten your seatbelts...

For my automotive photography visit my two photobucket sites
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Now a member of the Transportation Artists and Authors Guild!


I was formally trained at Sheridan College's reknown Illustration department (Class of '89). Between bus rides back to my hometown of Markham, Ontario and watching taped episodes of Miami Vice (no... that was NOT a real Daytona Spider...) I managed to graduate with honors with a Technical Illustration major diploma.

I freelanced for a while, retaining one major Motorsports client for 4 years while landing a full-time job in advertsing design. This job has lasted till the present... uncommon for an art job eh? This taught me the ins and outs of a little gizmo called a Macintosh (the BEST computer in the ENTIRE world!! - OK... thats MY opinion anyways...)
I became quite adept at Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and, just recently started in on Dreamweaver and Flash. All the while still putting brush to paper at home in my off hours. This web site will mainly show those paintings but i'll throw in some of my Computer work as well just to show off... (:

Upcoming Works and Shows

I sold an ink rendering of an interior view of a 250 GTO. In the spring i finished a commision of a 348ts for an owner in Ottawa, Canada. And I just completed another commission of a Daytona spider in front of the of our Canadian parliamentary library.I am currently experimenting with more abstracted images. The first attempts were of a Ferrari 360 Modena and of a Ferrari P4 (upper right below). Both were done in acrylics on canvass. These are also being made in conjuction with metal with the talented skills of Thor Hollinger. Thor cuts the image of the car out of steel using my Adobe Ilustrator file. He then mounts the steel image over an abstract image I paint on stretched canvas. So NO TWO are exactly the same. As you can see we have done the P4 as well as a 250GTO and an F1 car.See Thors site at Thor's site for more info and pics.(see below)

As for shows, i am currently involved in the Canada-wide Auto Art exhibit organized by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada. Submissions get delivered in November. Got to get workin.. Wish me luck.